About Us

Starting in 2011 Birddog Service Solutions expanded its hospitality reach by initially teaming up with MSTAR POS by being a contributory Point of Sale solution. This no doubt was a wise move for we helped keep thousands of restaurants profitably moving forward by offering high levels of technology & support – both 24/7 and local. Since that time, BirdDog Service Solutions has grown & expanded its reach to include multiple POS providers, processing venues, beverage pour control plus robotic services to better serve customers. What truly separates us from the normal retail sales peddlers is simply that our authorized independent agent consultants offer simple solutions without self-serving sales pitches and biased information. We quickly & objectively zero in on the best combination of services and products for your business. We then negotiate with the company on your behalf for the guaranteed lowest available market prices to avoid paying top dollar as a normal retail sales rep would have you do.

One source for your Restaurant needs

In a nutshell BirdDog Service Solutions is truly a one-stop solution for all your POS & merchant services needs, as well as Robotics as mentioned. From a lone credit card terminal to intricate needs requiring multi location POS services with Enterprise technology to robotics BirdDog can point out the best solution to you without breaking the bank! . QUESTION FOR YOU: Why would anyone allow 5-6 retail sales reps monopolize one’s time when BirdDog, usually in less than 30 minutes, can respectfully begin the process to manage the right service solution for you?

Cut your fixed costs

Save on your merchant processing overhead. Nearly 80% of new businesses are over-sold services by the major POS service providers & their merchant processors they are in bed with. Even when existing businesses attempt to improve their bundled POS/processing by changing companies they often end up getting burnt ( like charred toast) by paying more once the ink dries on a handcuffing contract. In sharp contrast, as your advocate, BirdDog Service Solutions will search for ways you can cut your costs and seek solutions that SAVE you money not cost you money.


Since all businesses are unique, we at BirdDog fully understand that “one size does not fit all” when understanding a customer’s true needs. It is for that very reason BirdDog has the ability to offer

  • POS Sales not requiring bundling with a merchant processor
  • POS providers offering Spanish speaking technical Support
  • POS providers not requiring contractual obligations
  • Beverage Pour Control Rentals on a contractual month to month basis