Liquor Control Systems

Berg All-Bottle™ 704

A low-cost liquor control device that actually makes you money!

The Berg All-Bottle™ 704 ring pouring bottle top liquor control system provides complete liquor control in a compact affordable unit with 7 price categories and 4 programmable portion sizes (1/8 to 10 ounces) for each price category. Dispensing is fast and easy with 100% accountability for every drink poured.


  • Eliminate over-pouring
  • Increase sales by a minimum of 5%
  • Reduce inventory purchases beyond 20%
  • Control or STOP free drink giveaways
  • Customers experience consistent portion control and drink taste
  • Easy installation and POS integration
  • After hours lock out
  • A BERG system can often pay for itself in less than 6 months
  • Advanced reporting, including number of pours, sales data, volume and pouring costs, which can all be exported into other reports or programs
  • Inventory monitoring and order report
  • Management control of complimentary drinks
  • Maintain system settings and data backup during loss of power or dispenser maintenance

What You Get

1 BERG All-Bottle™ 704 System

  • 1 SAMS 4S 320
  • 60 High Flow Pourers
  • Insert & Seal Kit
  • 1 Power Supply
  • Interface Cable
  • Installation of hardware, programming, calibration, and service for the life of the system

Pricing Options for Berg All-Bottle™ 704

Lease to Own

$269/MO – 2 YRS


$4400 Half upon signing and remainder on installation day.


From $99/MO + No Contract
Includes 1 BERG system but does NOT include the SAMS 4S 320.

Berg TAP2™

Realize the true profit potential of draft beer!

With the Berg TAP2™ draft beer dispensing system, you’ll be able to eliminate over-pour, waste, free give-a-ways, and unauthorized drinking in your bar or restaurant. This directly translates to more money in your pocket!

The Berg TAP2™ makes pouring fast and easy for your bartenders, while you gain total control, accountability and increased profits – all at a very affordable price! For most business owners, the Berg TAP2™ pay for itself in just 6 to 12 months.

Features & Benefits of the Berg TAP2™


  • Stainless steel faucets for consistent pours and easy cleaning
  • Up to 50 taps per Dispenser Network
  • Tap lock out for multiple taps on a single brand line
  • 8 portion sizes and 4 price levels per tap
  • Cancel, Repeat, Add-A-Head & Pause functions
  • Flow meters compensate for pressure variations
  • Meters and dispenses either by volume or time
  • Compact design to fit almost anywhere
  • Interfaces with your POS system
  • After hours lock out
  • Certified to CE standards


  • All pours will be 100% accurate, consistent, controlled, and recorded
  • Eliminates loss from over pouring and spills
  • Maximizes keg yield
  • Fast and easy to use and install
  • Affordable – Typically pays for itself in 6 to 12 months
  • Dispenses beer, wine, or margaritas without modification
  • Domestic stout and lager faucet options
  • Optional Flowmeters can be used to provide empty-keg sensing and the best portion control accuracy