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Cloud-Based Back Office

Cloud-based technology brings end users true operational freedom. Experience the power of controlling your business’s back of the house whenever and wherever you choose. Operators can access data from any device thanks to our modern responsive layout and designs. The Cloud application lets you run your business’s POS system easily and effectively without limitations.

Certified Third-Party POS Integration

Custom Report Writer

The Report Writer puts the power of deep dive data analytics in the hands of business owners. You’ll have the power to generate custom reports from scratch or view data using our existing report templates so that you can organize and look at your data exactly how you like. Your custom charts and graphs can be docked to your dashboard and link to each other, allowing you to easily drill down on your data.

The software also has wide search functionality to make finding any maintenance, report, or inventory item simple and easy.

Mynt Complete POS Solution

Mynt has been designed to make your life easier by providing an advanced, yet highly affordable system that is easy to operate .

Mynt Enterprise is the most advanced turnkey POS solution for multi-location, franchise QSRs and traditional table service restaurants.

Mynt Enterprise is the most advanced turnkey POS solution for multi-location, franchise QSRs and traditional table service restaurants.

Features include:

  • Table service with custom table layouts

  • Custom add-ons and modifiers

  • Highly customized tax rates

  • Remote kitchen printing

  • Gratuity and split checks

  • Easy item editing

  • Robust backend reporting

  • Scale integration

  • Multi-location HQ management & reporting

  • Automated meal coursing

  • Kitchen displays and digital menu boards

  • Online ordering & reservations

  • Gift & Loyalty integration

  • Enhanced table service features

  • Order and pay at the table

  • Digital menu boards

  • And more!


Digital Signage

This cutting edge digital signage module is included  many of times with many of our POS provider packages. With it, you can schedule content to display advertisements, specials, movies, and more in a customized playlist. You can add rear-facing displays or outside drive-thru displays with real-time output of sales information, as well as Digital Menu Boards with features such as live menu updates via our drag and drop interface to create customized layouts.

Kitchen Video Display

Reduce paper waste and provide faster order fulfillment by outputting orders to a Video Display Unit (VDU) instead of a remote printer. This device will allow you to quickly displays orders to your kitchen staff, helping to reduce ticket times and increase table turnaround. In addition to tracking prep times, a Kitchen VDU can also provide helpful preparation instructions for improved order accuracy.

EMV Safe Credit Card Data

When it comes to payment security, there are several options to fit your needs. Do you want a simple and inexpensive EMV solution that allows you to avoid EMV charge backs? What about a more robust solution that can show customers their check and prompt for a tip and signature? Need a table side ordering solution with a built-in EMV and 3G fail over? Rest assured, whatever your EMV needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Surveillance with Text Insertion

Many POS machines can be integrated with security systems to display video surveillance footage so that you can keep an eye on your store’s operations. They support standard DVRs with text insertion and managers can view videos associated with POS activities with a simple tap of a button. Many machines have a built-in surveillance system that is so flexible that a user can use ordinary web cameras to capture their video feed. For the price of a webcam, you can eliminate buddy punching, view live camera feeds, and monitor your business with event-driven video. Protect your business from fraud and theft by tracking important point-of-sale activities.